Frequently asked questions

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What’s the difference with a website builder ?

You don’t have to choose a template and edit it. Popsite algorithm analyses your answers and content to build your website alone. You’re free from drag and drops and you don’t have to worry about design, UX or technical issues. Save time and energy.

How much preparation time to create my site with popsite ?

Well… not much since you don’t have to choose a template, think about your site organisation or even place a single button on a page. Just get your best pictures and let popsite guide you through a unique experience.

How long before my site is live ?

Your site is live as soon as you’ve completed the questionnaire. It will then progressively be indexed by all search engines so that people finds you.

Does popsite provides a site hosting solution ?

Yes. Popsite provides a hosting solution backed by a world leading company to guarantee your site pages load at maximum speed wherever you visitors come from.

Can I use my own domaine ?

Yes. You can easily connect an existing domain. To do so you first have to subscribe to the service.

I already have a booking engine, can I keep using it ?

Yes. Popsite allows you to easily connect your booking system in just a click.

Can I choose my website ?

Yes. Popsite will propose you different site options based on your answers and your content but it’s up to you to decide which one you like most.

Can I update my website ?

Of course. You can update your answers and your content at anytime. If these changes radically differ from your previous inputs then popsite will automatically push new site options to make sure user experience is always optimised. Your site looks great in any case.

Can I use videos on my website ?

This feature is coming soon. You will be able to display videos hosted on youtube, viméo, dailymotion and others…

Is popsite free ?

Popsite is free during the entire beta test period. In a few weeks, if you’re satisfied with the service you can subscribe in a few clicks and enjoy a special offer if you pre-registered.

Can I cancel my subscription ?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at anytime directly from your client account. Just bear in mind to do it at least 7 days before the anniversary date of your contract renewal.

Can I sell my products online with popsite ?

Not yet. But this is part of our future plans.

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